Adult Fluoride Treatments


For many years the standard for preventive dentistry recommended fluoride treatments for all children twice a year until the age of 14. As well as fluoride in the local water supplies.  This therapeutic treatment of topically applied fluoride was shown to dramatically prevent tooth decay.  Newer studies have shown that the benefits of fluoride are not limited to children however. Armed with the latest standard of care education we now provide adults with a fluoride treatment specially formulated for adult teeth.

 Benifits of Adult Fluoride Therapy

  • Reduces dental decay caused by dry mouth associated with most medications including those for blood pressure
  • Extends the lifespan of crowns, bridges, and fillings by strengthening the junction between the restoration and the natural tooth
  • Reduces the risk of root decay where there are receded gums
  • Helps maintain the integrity of older dental work by preventing “recurrent” decay
  • Persons having been treated for gum disease or having had gingival surgery
  • Strengthens enamel compromised by grinding or from acid reflux
  • Strengthens demineralized enamel caused by drinking acidic soft drinks, sport beverages, etc.
  • Any individual having undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatments should receive fluoride therapy
  • Lessens the decay risk of those suffering from “dry mouth” – Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Saves money – the cost of fluoride is less than most dental plan co-pays for fillings, etc.

While a few insurance plans cover this treatment completely we have negotiated a reduced fee on your behalf.  We believe this treatment is an important and ultimately cost saving benefit for our patients.

Fee: $25.00




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